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Together our Land Use Planning, Lot Development, and Construction Management Departments oversee all aspects of Del Boca Vista’s development projects from conception to completion.

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At Del Boca Vista, we appreciate the significance of Land Use Entitlement being the first step of a complex development process. Extensive due diligence allows us to identify project opportunities and constraints, safeguarding against unforeseen circumstances, and promoting a straightforward development process. Our Land Use Department conducts comprehensive research on existing property conditions, property title records, and the proposed development’s compliance with all applicable standards and regulations.


Typical Land Use applications include: Subdivisions and Partitions, Property Line Adjustments, Final Plat Approvals, Planned Unit Developments, Annexations, Zoning and Comprehensive Plan Amendments, and Right-of-Way Vacations.


Our building department manages the residential construction process from start to finish, while adhering to quality construction guidelines in all aspects of development. We manage coordinating with applicable municipalities, obtaining building permit approvals, contract procurement, scheduling, and construction.


Our outstanding process and product are the result of experienced professionals from a variety of career fields who coordinate to ensure that every project employs prudent, productive and profitable methods, and that projects are completed on time and within scope and budget.

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Our Permitting & Lot Development Department oversees pre-construction planning, budget development and execution, coordination with municipalities and private utility companies, permit approvals, scheduling, contract procurement, and the construction of public improvements to serve future development.


Typical Permit applications include: Public Improvement, Grading, Erosion Control, Structural, and Right-of-Way Permits.


We strive to maintain positive relationships with our buyers, sellers, lenders, and jurisdictional agencies, to ensure a smooth development process. Obtaining permit approvals and ensuring lot improvements are constructed efficiently and effectively is one of the things we do best.

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